Grief Support

Coming alongside one another. 
It’s what we believe in. 

Grieving is Natural

One of the hardest parts of grieving is granting ourselves permission to grieve.

Wbat Is Grief?

Grief is complex; it obeys no formula and has no set expiration date. It is an important area of ongoing research. While some experts have proposed that there are stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance—others emphasize that grief is a very individualized emotion and not everyone grieves the same way.

(Psychology Today, “What is Grief“)

PreCare Program

Our PreCare program serves to prepare members of our community to handle one of the hardest things someone can walk through- death.  In our PreCare classes we focus on grief and recovery, how to cope with loss, and sensitive topics like sucide and overdose.

AfterCare Program

Our AfterCare program serves to walk with individual families through the grieving process when they have lost a loved one.

We’re Here To Help

Kelly Law is our certified grief counselor who works to support our families through the loss of a loved one.

Kelly leads our Pre-Care and After-Care programs that are designed to help families prepare and cope with loss.

Kelly is compassionate and understands that each grieving person is unique and that grief doesn’t have a timestamp.

What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

-Helen Keller