Veteran Services

Veteran Benefits

Benefits generally available to veterans include:

Our family comes from a proud line of military tradition– having family members who have served in every conflict in American history, in every service branch, beginning with the Revolutionary War. Our deep roots within the American military have led us to experience the camaraderie that exists between service members (and their families) which is why we are so passionate about our military veterans and making sure that their lives, memories, and accomplishments are honored. 

For more information on veterans benefits, contact:

The Perry County Veterans Affairs Officer,
Lynn Van Leaven at (717) 582-8984, ext. 5,
or 582-3279 for 24 hour voice mail.

Government Grave Marker

$100 Credit For Marker Install

American Flag To Cover Casket

(Perry County Residents)
A $100 Payment From The County

 Additional Benefits for Veterans Residing in PA State Veteran Homes

Burial Plot & Vault in Indiantown Gap National Cemetery for Veteran & Spouse

Military Honors Provided by Service Organization

$100 Payment to Widows (Unmarried) of Deceased Veteran